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KRM Plastics takes pride in our products and offers more than 20 years experience in the roto-moulding industry.
Our entire range of moulds is built on-site, from start to finish, allowing for a far superior quality control and a much more efficient product.
These moulds are made of aluminium or steel to ensure that only the best tanks are produced as a result.

KRM Plastics offer a diverse range of roto-moulded tanks and other products.
We are hands-on, with the expertise to design and develop a mould from scratch, to meet any of the requirements that our clients need.

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KRM Plastics is a member of ARMSA


“Totally helpful staff.. totally recommend”
~ Deloshnie Govender

“Exceptional quality products. Good customer service.”
~ Kerrilee Shanmugam

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  • We use a linear low-density Polyethylene (LLDPE) polymer. Polyethylene is extremely tough, durable and a lightweight thermoplastic material. The ultra-violet stabiliser is pre-compounded to give long-term resistance and stability in the harsh sun. No chemical reactions take place during the manufacturing of our tanks, so there are no chemical residues or by-products in KRM Plastics tanks to taint your water.
  • KRM Plastics tanks are also safe to use for hydroponic solutions as all our tanks are made from food grade material.
  • KRM Plastics can manufacture products in any colour by using the Pantone colour chart.
  • KRM Plastics has a customer service to advise customers which chemicals can be used in the polyethylene tanks.
  • Our tanks can carry an SG up to 1.8 and wall thickness will be adapted to weight.
  • We are a company that does hands-on specialised products for any customer as requested.
  • We manufacture structural tanks ranging from 220L up to 20 000L.
  • Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly material that is fully recyclable and can be repaired by a heat welding process if damaged.
  • An eight-year guarantee is given on all vertical water and chemical tanks.
  • All standard fittings are 40mm and are placed on one side which makes installation neat and professional.
  • The bottom outlet can be positioned around the tank to suit your needs.
  • Has excellent chemical resistance and compatibility.
  • Rust and corrosion proof / Maintenance free.
  • UV light protected.
  • Standard delivery is within around 10 working days from order date, depending on our workload and where full loads apply. (At times we are able to deliver within 2 days, but in very busy seasons we may have a backlog of up to 3 or 4 weeks.)
  • Prevention of algae growth in our tanks as well as steam cleanable.
  • Our Product is odourless and tasteless.


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